Typograf 4.8

A comprehensive tool for a complete management of your fonts collection
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Typograf is a comprehensive tool that will allow you to have complete control over your fonts collection, regardless of how large or how small it is. With this tool you will not only have a quick and clear view of all your fonts and their respective character sets, but also a handful of interesting features to group, compare, detect duplicates, or print your fonts. Typograf supports and manages any TrueType, Type 1, Bitmap, and Printer font.

Do not let its simple interface fool you – it may not be the most stylish of all applications, but it includes features and options that you will not easily find in the not-so-many font tools available for Windows. Font designers will have quick and easy access to all graphic and technical details pertaining to each character and the set it belongs. Thus, you will be able to zoom in each character up to a size of 1000 pt, to see the full layout of the selected font over a qwerty keyboard, and to study all its metric properties, such as the height of the cell, the number of units above and below the base line, the internal leading, the average letter width or the weight of the font.

If you are not the font-designer type, you will be able to enjoy its management features. You will be able to make a CD-ROM backup copy of all your fonts, to load, unload, install and uninstall any font, to create a database to keep your fonts fully classified and organized, to group your fonts following your preferred criteria, etc. You will also be allowed to easily compare similar fonts and thus find out if your collection holds duplicates under different names.

Regardless of the various reasons to keep your fonts collection organized, Typograf will surprise you with a set of features and a depth of information that you will not easily find out there.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Small yet full-featured application
  • Offers different and interesting ways of viewing your fonts
  • Allows you to compare similar fonts and find duplicates


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